They ran barefoot in the summertime in packs like stray dogs, ragged and dirty, and there were leaders and followers. Each fell into place warrior and peacemaker, alike, the way that young women do when left good and alone. They hunted, too, though, if asked, they couldn't tell you just what. No, it was in the motions; the movement was what mattered, especially … Continue reading Xenomancy

Traditional Geomancy

  The stone rolls over and and then settles. There’s a tender moss growing on its underside, delicate, like a secret, spreading. It is spotted with gray pillbugs— the tiny creatures we called rolie polies when I was a kid. The centipedes pass like traffic. They weave in and out and on through, cross limp … Continue reading Traditional Geomancy


It was a country road, turning on too-fast tires and no power-steering—that old ‘76 Ford, with rust above its wheels and dragging a muffler, sparks; with crumbs on the seat and eight-track ribbon unwound into mounds, tucked under the dirty bench seat beside candy wrappers; dust clouds kicked-up and made a gritty fog. Headlights flashed to catch some surface but … Continue reading Abattoir


I don’t want these words wet on your tongue or nestled, like hair, between your teeth. Keep them inside, unspoken. Bury them in your memory like childhood, like need. Slice-open your tongue, dig into your gums, into your throat, if that’s what it takes to make some good silence. Don’t build your temple with my … Continue reading Hauntology