Augury (at childhood’s end)

Something covered his face, a flash of green, of something grotesque— something cartoon bright and monstrous, like a grinning snake or sharp-chinned goblin. The screen door's springs screeched, rusty. The hard slam sang out a full acre, calling rise to the cricket and frog songs from the marshland nearby. Fresh windrows were long, thin slashes between the house and … Continue reading Augury (at childhood’s end)


They ran barefoot in the summertime in packs like stray dogs, ragged and dirty, and there were leaders and followers. Each fell into place warrior and peacemaker, alike, the way that young women do when left good and alone. They hunted, too, though, if asked, they couldn't tell you just what. No, it was in the motions; the movement was what mattered, especially … Continue reading Xenomancy

Old Gods

anonymous asks: Hi there! Um, I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have any suggested readings or good starting points for anyone who'd like to learn about obscure gods and demons? Particularly anything that seems written fairly objectively? Thank you for your time. 😀 wilburwhateley said: Hello, Anon! Thanks so much for … Continue reading Old Gods

Podcast Recs

anonymous asks: I just finished listening to all of the H.P Podcraft episodes for the 4th time.. Do you have any other podcasts you'd recommend that are similar? I'm about to go through them for the 5th time if I don't find something else. wilburwhateley said: Hello! Ah, an Anon after my own heart. from … Continue reading Podcast Recs

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus (1985) is a Rankin & Bass adaptation of the 1902 L. Frank Baum children’s book, and it is superbly Weird. Here’s a link to a short article on the film from Odeon Review and one from Comics Alliance, where Chris Sims offers a summary/review with so much enthusiasm that I almost … Continue reading The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus