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Horror Movies Written and/or Directed by Women

Resource List American Mary 2012 Written and directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska The Babadook 2014  Written and directed by Jennifer Kent American Psycho 2000  Directed by Mary Harron; co-written by Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner Silent House 2011  Co-directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau; written by Laura Lau Pet Sematary 1989  Directed by … Continue reading Horror Movies Written and/or Directed by Women

What the Pit Wants: Folk Horror (Appalachia)

A few months ago, I dedicated a Saturday on Whippoorwill Hollow to Folk Horror. It wasn't really something I had planned; rather, I found myself slipping down one of those serendipitous research holes pretty early in the morning and decided just to go with it and then share the trip with anyone who cared to follow along. I … Continue reading What the Pit Wants: Folk Horror (Appalachia)


There’s a metallic buzz under the nighttime sound, the sundown hum— the scratchy beating of wings, like cross-legged sitting, singing into whirling metal blades. It’s a static voice, an electric device pressed hard against a wounded, smokey throat to crackle thoughts. I shoo it from my ears like flies when it draws too near, when I am … Continue reading Temenos

Goddess of Open Mouths

  "I dig because I am hungry" – Margaret Atwood, from Digging (Selected Poems, 1965 – 1975) I was nineteen when I first saw the ocean. My fingers locked with my lover’s that night, and the wet grate of sand on my feet was a new satisfaction. She was nervous. I held her hand, felt her thumb rub … Continue reading Goddess of Open Mouths