Mourning Geckos

thedreamingwood: reptilisss: kaijutegu: reptilisss: cup-noodle: sundarsunya: Lizard mlems Pt.2 Posted by IUsedToCare The one in the back literally doesn’t even touch the food LMAOO he is trying his best she is trying her best (these are mourning geckos, an all-female, parthenogenetic species!) Oh!!! I just looked up about Mourning Geckos. Whoahh!

virgodura: From The White Cat and the Monk, by Jo Ellen Bogart and Sydney Smith. A retelling of a ninth-century poem written by an unnamed Irish Benedictine monk comparing his scholarly pursuits to the hunting activities of his cat, Pangur Bán.  “In Irish, the word bán means white. Pangur has been said to refer to the word … Continue reading