crittercompendium: Daily Monster 314: The Old Saybrook Blockheads Region of origin: Old Saybrook, Connecticut, United States Sighted in her backyard in 1957, schoolteacher Mary Starr witnessed a cylindrical, brightly-glowing craft hovering over her clothesline and, within it, the occupants: small, largely featureless, rubbery creatures topped by translucent cubes containing glowing red cores. As she watched … Continue reading Blockheads

mygoodbabushka: Harayadori. By Julie Kwiatkowski Schuler. In 1803, Japanese villagers discovered a strange vessel at Harayadori, described as looking like a pot for cooking rice, the top had a glass panel, and the bottom was banded with the finest iron. Inside was a beautiful woman. She could not communicate with them. She was guarding a … Continue reading