i recently watched the Last Shift and i really liked it. Sort of had a little Silent Hill vibe to it that i love :D

Hey! I’m being a slow-poke with responses this week; sorry for the delayed response. I liked it, too. It achieved a heck of a lot with (deceptively) very little. I think that I understand the Silent Hill vibe you mention, although I was never as ‘into’ that franchise as many friends for various reasons (so I’m not overly familiar with it, etc.). Maybe some of the similarity of feeling has to do with the effective use of isolation, a consistently closed perspective, that sort of thing (?). Either way, I think that it has a lot going for it,  yep. The Officer Loren character is pretty well developed, too, particularly compared to female leads found in many other contemporary Horror movies. Even the pseudo-Manson cult stuff worked in its favor. (I don’t care for it in general, but it did work well w/in the story and all that). You know, just out of curiosity, I’ve been looking for a reliable quote of the movie’s budget. I read somewhere that it was fifteen thousand dollars. That can’t possibly be right. If it is, then, it’s pretty damned great as far as low budget Horror goes. I actually rewatched Last Shift the other day and added a short blurb on LB, if you or anyone else cares about that sort of thing. I’m trying to develop the habit of logging movies and updating lists, along with checking the WP site more often, but it’s slow-going, as usual. 🙂 Old habits vs. new ones. Thanks for the note, my friend. I hope you’re having a good week.


Last Shift (2014) via Midnight Murder Show