Have You Seen the Yellow Sign? | Unwinnable


This is an entertaining article from Stu Horvath/Unwinnable that is rooted in the Weird Fiction/Yellow King surge of interest back during Season One of TD (2014). While that’s the general context of the piece, the section on Blish is useful, perhaps, as an access point for his Yellow Mythos short story, More Light (and I guess I should note that it includes several points with which I, personally, don’t agree…for whatever that’s worth).  
Here’s an excerpt: “More Light is the strangest entry into the evolution of The King in Yellow. The framing story is about how disappointing it is to finally read in entirety something so many authors had only hinted at, and yet it somehow transcends itself. The details in More Light, make Chambers’ original stories even better, like salt on a steak.”

Have You Seen the Yellow Sign? | Unwinnable