Daily Monster 254: The Black Bird of Chernobyl

Region of origin: Chernobyl, Ukraine

It’s said in the days leading up to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster there were sightings of a black creature, resembling a headless winged humanoid with two large red eyes, appearing throughout the city before finally appearing over the plant itself flying through the smoke after the explosion occurred. Additionally these were accompanied by locals reporting they had received strange phone calls and were having intense nightmares. In other words, basically an MO identical to that of the Mothman of West Virginia in the Sixties. And also like the Mothman, the Black Bird was never sighted again after the disaster, seemingly disappearing after delivering its vague prophecy.

Mothman takes a holiday

Back in the USSR

Communist Mothman versus Capitalist Mothman who will win

Liberal Mothman thinks they both have some good ideas

Anarchist Mothman smugly judges all of them